Driver error is the most common reason that accidents occur.
However, sometimes the cause of the crash is beyond your control for many reasons. It may be that the other driver ran into you or that a pedestrian jumped out in front of you.

Car accidents also sometimes occur because there is something wrong with your car. Auto defects can also make some accidents worse, such as when seatbelts or airbags do not work correctly. According to personal injury attorney, Don R. Elliott Jr., “in many situations, you cannot tell that there is something wrong with your car until it’s too late.”

Auto Recalls: The 2020 Ford Expedition
The 2020 Ford Expedition has now had three recalls to address various defects, including:

  • Inaccurate display of the gear position
  • Improperly assembled seat recliners
  • A malfunction with the belt tension sensor in the front passenger seat belt buckle

For example, the malfunction with the seat belt buckle does not compromise the seat belt itself, but it can result in situations where the airbag does not go off in a crash. In those cases, you do not have the protection you thought you had.

Injuries and damages can be significantly worse if safety features do not work properly.

Legal Responsibility for Auto Defects in Arkansas
Automobile and auto part manufacturers have a duty to you to ensure that their vehicles and parts are reasonably safe for their intended use. They are also required to warn consumers when their products are dangerous, even when that danger is discovered later.

Personal injury lawyer J. Timothy Smith explains, “If an auto manufacturer violates this duty, then they may be required to pay your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses if you are harmed because of the defect.”

Vehicle Repairs and Recalls
When an auto manufacturer, like Ford, discovers that there is a problem with their vehicle, they will often issue warnings and recall the car or ask drivers to take their vehicle into a Ford dealer to be repaired.

Drivers should take care to be aware of these issues and repair their vehicles. Places like Ford will usually send you a letter that describes the recall and indicates how you can fix it. Unfortunately, not all messages will reach the right person, and you may not know that your car has a recall.

You can check to see if your vehicle has had a recall by visiting Keep in mind, however, that not every default will trigger a recall.

If you have been in an accident, and you think a defect contributed to your injuries, get legal help from a car accident lawyer. You may have options to get reimbursed for your damages, even if there was a recall. Contact Elliott & Smith Law Firm today for more information.

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